Blog Relocation

February 10th, 2006

my new blog site

Dear friends,

due to some unknown technical accident the blog entries I wrote during this semester were all lost and cannot be recovered.

At first I thought it was an attack from my campus, after a careful check, I think it couldn’t be. My entries were lost but the spam comments which I deleted in October were back again too. If someone just wanted to delete my entries there was no way for him/her to get all the old spam comments back. And if someone really wanted to attack, to destroy all the entries may be a more effective optionMost likely a really old database backup file was restored by mistake and somehow it couldn’t be rolled back. As for the IP address appeared in my server log, it may well be that the cache was not flushed by my dorm IP before commit and I did access my site from my office the day before.

I’ve been contacting the support staff of my host in Florida all the time today. They have tried their best and they replied each of my emails in 3 to 5 minutes. They’ve done a great job and here’s all my sincere appreciation. Technical accidents do happen. I’ve been with them for years and they’ve always offered superb services.

Most of my lost entries were saved from google cache. And they are being relocated to a new address.

WordPress 2.0 is used in blog2 and it’s more secure than the one (WordPress 1.5.0) powering this site. All my new entries will be posted there and I’ll regularly backup my site in my local machine from now on.

Thanks to all the people who helped me after this accident. And sorry for my really fussy disturbs to all of you.

Finally I must thank google cache.

Sniff and Sneeze 5

October 17th, 2005



I planned to blog about the films I watched during the summer vacation, planned to post a entry about “Sachlichkeit und Emotionalität”, planned…..but well, just too busy with my homeworks and a software project initialisation for now, didn’t have any mood for blogging….Today I got a bit better organized from my homeworks, cannot wait to say hello to you! :)

Now we have a 6-er software development group, going to build a web-based internship broker for our college. The new group name is called “le GruppÉ”, no idea what it means. Andreas, Nico and me are still together, there are three new people, Christoph Birster, Matthias Kabala and Michael Folz. Matthias is our project manager, he’s very talktive, energetic, keen on learning/trying out technologies and very diligent, always in-time on homeworks. We all like him and I think Prof. Müller will like him too. Christoph is a Linux hacker. I haven’t known much about our big Michael but his fluent French really impressed me. He is in charge of our deployment discriptors, JBoss is a totally new thing for him, but he has already made a HelloWorld Servlet up and singing for our first iteration of test. Bravo big Mike! People is the most important success factor in a project, we’ve got motivated, skillful, energetic, diligent and lovely people, I have confidence in our project. I’m the architect and testing engineer in the group. The allowed technologies for this project are JDBC, Servlet, JSP and JUnit. No other framework is allowed. Well so that we might be going to write some in-house frameworks (if that would be allowed by our professors). I strive for 100% testing coverage for our production code and for testing JDBC connections and servlets, there’s something sophisticated I need to learn. I’m pretty excited about this project somehow, the unit testings I did before were very primitive, time for me to grow. Besides the roles like project manager, architect, DB modeler…..everyone is also the coder. So there’s much code to write too. (Since no framework is allowed for boosting the productivity….But for learning’s purpose, this restriction is good for us. )

Ang Lee released his new film “Brokeback Mountain” last month and I cannot wait to watch it. I watched his “Pushing Hands”, “Eat Drink Man Woman”(again), “The Wedding Banquet” (again) and “Sense and Sensibility” and some other films during the summer. Ang Lee is no doubtedly my _favourite_ director. More about him later…..

So much for today, still have to prepare for tomorrow’s networking lab. See you later! :)

so the new semester starts/ summer job log 2

October 2nd, 2005

My new semester will start from next Tuesday on. I’m excited about it. Friends are coming back to the campus these days, happy to see them again.

This summer I’ve been working on an online survey system for evaluation of the lectures in our college. It was not really a complex system (Mostly multi choice questions like “how do you like the lecture? “, etc. ) but the legacy code was crafted against EJB spec 2.1. EJB 2.1 is not the most awkward thing, but the data model in the old system is not flawless. For such a simple survey, there are 24 tables underlying in the database. I developed a new data model, which consists of 5 tables and I guess is more coherent/easy to understand and maintain than the old model and hibernate/EJB 3.0 on top, but my boss said we cannot lose the data in old system so please keep the old data model. I can feel free to extend the tables. He was sooooo gentle when he was saying that, I turned back to the old system without any uncomfortableness. I’m not working on it for something like graduate thesis, but during the development he cared about the progress a lot. He also mentored me patiently when things got really confusing. He has a student working for the UI of this project as his graduate thesis, he pulled us together and he’s very nice to Mr. Kahlau too. My boss is the best boss one could ever hope for. :) 24 tables or 5 tables, who really cares, the important thing is that I learnt how to work with legacy system, learnt some hibernate framework and I was happy when working for a good boss.

I was a bit lazy for a while during this summer break, it’s not as hectic as last summer break. But I got good sleep and rest, exercised much, watched some really good films, had wonderful concerts and read some interesting books, though not that technical. Suzan visited me from Vienna and I enjoyed the time when we were together. She told me my ex. math teacher Mr. Wen suicided. Deeply depressed. I planned to visit him in winter but he left in such a hurry….Life’s that fragile, we really need to take good care of ourselves.

The new semester starts. New challenges and new possibilites. I’m ready.

On National Day

October 1st, 2005

Today is Chinese National Day. I have a mixed feelings in my heart. I love her, I’m proud of her in many ways and I feel disappointed about her now and then…. (Same old cliche once more: Such is life.) I have three rules for my blog: No religion; No politics; No sex. So let me stop.

Wish my family and all my friends there good health and happiness. There are news that my high school classmates are getting married one after another. Congratulations to you guys and may you have happier new lives! Meanwhile such news just made me feel really old. 😉 I’ll be back for winter break from mid Feb. to mid. March. Please keep some of your wedding bonbons for me! :)

Feiyang’s baby is nearly 3 months old now, if I don’t remember wrong. I’ll try to visit you in Beijing. When are Wei Qiu and Qiafei Qiu going to have babies? You’ll have to come to my home and let’s have really big meals…..Qiu&Qiu you are such lovely people and you’d really taken good care of me when I was in K’lautern, I terribly miss you and miss the time we spent together….

a beautiful night with a chamber concert

September 30th, 2005

Europe is Europe.

Tonight I walked to Karlskirche for a chamber concert. All the musicians are from my tiny town Zweibrücken, names never heard, but their superb performance and charming temperament conquered me entirely. I start to believe nowadays so-called fame is a result of marketing, especially when it comes to music/art. I love this tiny town so much more after this concert. It’s not that I never had any live concerts. Quite the contrary, I grew up with classmates playing violins, violoncellos, pianos and other instruments (western and/or Chinese) around and my high school was the first high school which had student orchestra in my province. For a few years I myself was singing western chorus works or playing my instrument in rehearsals several times a week. The Chinese American pianist Xiang-Dong Kong once came to my college to give speech/performance and I was there. Yo-Yo Ma and Lang-Lang’s performances are just familiar through CDs and TV programmes….But never did I have such soulful/beautiful musical experience before.

The first piece was Brahms’ Trio H-Dur op. 8, 1. Satz Allegro con brio. Mr. Martin Ruppert, the violin player, tall and thin, looked shy. The notes flowing out of his fingers were simply seductive. No big body movements or exaggerating expressions on face, he was rather implicit and well, the music was simply delicate and seductive. I call it temperament. The performance and demeanour of the violoncello player Mr. Joachim Köhler was gorgeous. Let’s not talk about technical thing, in tonight’s concert I just felt all the technical things faded away, sheer beauty of music and tender emotion haunting around….It was just elegant temperament. Europe is Europe. Please accept my adoration. I never really liked Brahms but their performance definitely opened my new door to Brahms.

Then the mezzo soprano Ms Susanne Ludwig-Theisohn sang Arie “Holdes Echo” from J. S. Bach’s “Die Wahl des Herakles” BWV 213. (Echo: Ms Ina Buhr). Very solid yet gentle mid range. Again, implicit and controlled. Quite noble in my ears.

Things became a little bit dramatic when the flute player Mr. Nicole Wagner started Gabriel Faure’s “Fantasie e-moll”. It was a beautiful piece, and Mr. Wagner’s dance was elegant too. :)

The Dvorak they played was “Dumky-Trio” Op. 90. 4. Satz “Die Uhr” Andante moderato. I hoped for Dvorak’s Op. 96, but still greatly enjoyed Mr. Ruppert, Mr. Köhler and Mr. Klaus Bernhard Roth’s performance. Dvorak is not really that easy to interpret. His untrammelled passion is too easy to be turned out rather simple and coarse. These three gentlemen did a great job. The heat was certainly there but everything was under control, not countrysideman-like. Very European.

The concert ended with Brahms’ Kalviertrio H-Dur Op. 90, 4. Satz: Finale, Allegro. All the musicians were highly acclaimed then. I walked home in a dreamy mood.

Till now the music is still haunting. What a beautiful night I had had and what a lovely tiny town I am living in!

The Karlskirche has an excellent acoustic characteristic for chamber music (better than the Fruchthalle in Kaiserslautern, IMHO), that definitely helped the concert sound more charming. It should be suitable for a wedding too (suppose the music in the wedding is chamber music too….no, Karlskirche is not really for Wanger’s massive works). I’m seriously considering looking for a local man so that maybe I can have my wedding there and attend concerts there as many times as I want to. 😀